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Top 4 Wooden Floorings In India: Their Types, Textures, Pros and Cons

Though the concept of having wood as flooring material was not new to the western world, it has become a hot trend in Indian homes now. Its striking look, its elegance, the luxurious feel and the warmth that wooden floorings offer are a few reasons why they are one of the smartest and practical home improvement ideas that one can go for.

How to protect your floor whilst work continues

When undertaking a design and build project, there are normally a lot of trades people and suppliers to co-ordinate both figuratively and literally.

This means that ideally the flooring on any project should be laid last to avoid any trades people inadvertently bringing dirt and grit in and damaging the wood flooring.

What is the latest trends in flooring?

There was a time when glistening marble flooring was seen in every house. Then there was that time when they were being replaced by wooden flooring everywhere. Well, trends change, preferences change, and so do requirements. Your home’s flooring is one element that cannot be changed frequently and needs to cater to a lot of other factors than just its appearance. Durability and aesthetic versatility are two features one needs to consider when looking to revamp an abode or avail flooring for a new home. Here are the top four trends this year for your reference.