What is the latest trends in flooring?

There was a time when glistening marble flooring was seen in every house. Then there was that time when they were being replaced by wooden flooring everywhere. Well, trends change, preferences change, and so do requirements. Your home’s flooring is one element that cannot be changed frequently and needs to cater to a lot of other factors than just its appearance. Durability and aesthetic versatility are two features one needs to consider when looking to revamp an abode or avail flooring for a new home. Here are the top four trends this year for your reference.

Wood Looks

Although a common trend from the past, it is still the most preferred choice for interior designers. Coming in various styles and colours, wood look tiles resemble real wood and easily bring in a contemporary appeal to a room. Vinyl, laminate, and ceramic wood look tiles are some of the popular options today.

Polished Concrete Floors

Demanding less maintenance, polished concrete floors which were originally popular only for garages and such have now ventured into residential spaces too. These industrial style floorings are now being welcomed in kitchens and bedrooms as well.

Rapid-Lock Vinyl

Conducive for kitchens and bathrooms, these flooring replicates the style of hardwood flooring but with certain benefits. With its water and stain-proof advantages, rapid-lock vinyl flooring also comes with smooth installation and easy maintenance.

Reclaimed Wood

Bringing in opulence to a home with its texture and allure, reclaimed wood flooring is exactly what it is named after. Not a top preferred flooring option today, it can also an eco-friendly feature in the house.

Depending on what kind of ambience you want to manifest in your home and of course, your budget, there is a range of flooring for every taste and requirement out there. These were just some of the most common yet dynamic choices that can be used in your home designing this year.