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Interior design is basically the art of arranging the interior of any space whether commercial or just a living space to achieve an aesthetically attractive environment. It is an art that was associated with royalty in earlier centuries where style was imposed on every room within a living quarter. Today, it is basically the same narrative that goes a long way in imposing your style and preference on your space.

Wall Storage

An often overlooked aspect of interior design is wall storage. Before, it used to be a plain shelf or a cavity in a stone wall where books and photos could be neatly arranged. However, that has changed, because the wall storage can be sculptured into different shapes depending on the purpose, or the interior design style applied. One of the more common wall storage spaces happens to be shelves that are placed in the home libraries or living rooms. Several styles can be incorporated in their design especially when they are placed in a more accessible part of the room. Below we highlight some more.


Most shelves are used to store or display literature material such as novels, sculptures, and kitchenware. It is their use that predominantly determines which part of the house, as well as the style in design that is used. For instance, when they are fitted in the household to hold books and sculpture, then a minimalist style is one of the more recommended styles. Since they are to be used for display, then the material can be made of wood finishes such as plywood, oak-wood, or even veneer wood.

Once you determine which of the types of wood to incorporate, then you can settle on a design. A common trait of utilizing oak-wood, for instance, is that it is more sturdy and in the process, you can have it carved into thin interlocking squares that can hold the smaller items such as books and sculptures. In professional carpentry circles, these types of designs are commonly referred to as parametric designs. They are usually recommended to hold smaller books and lighter sculptures.

You can also throw in a couple of family photos in matching frames. Because the parametric spaces vary in size, a wealth of ideas can be applied for creativity. A vase with a single flower or leaving select spaces empty to showcase an artistic background helps as well. You can check more designs and customize your own on this site today: https://tylko.com/shelves/wallstorage/.


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